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August 27-31, 2007

Antwerp, Belgium
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Interspeech 2007 Tutorials

Tutorials will take place on Monday August 27 in the premises of the University of Antwerp, Rodestraat 14 (rooms R008, R012, R013, R124), see the Map. The technical program contains all details.

The following tutorials are organized:

  • Morning tutorials:
    • AM1: Voice Quality in Vocal Communication, presenter: Christophe d’Alessandro
    • AM2: The Modulation Spectrum and Its Application to Speech Science and Technology, presenters: Les Atlas, Steven Greenberg and Hynek Hermansky
    • AM3: Spoken Language Processing by Mind and Machine, presenters: Roger K. Moore and Anne Cutler
    • AM4: Processing Morphologically-Rich Languages, presenters: Katrin Kirchhoff and Ruhi Sarikaya
  • Afternoon tutorials:
    • PM1: Voice Transformation, presenter: Yannis Stylianou
    • PM2: A Mathematical Theory of Speech Signals – Beyond the Linear Model, presenters: Gernot Kubin and Erhard Rank
    • PM3: Talking to Computers: from Speech Sounds to Human Computer Interaction, presenters: Giuseppe Riccardi and Sebastian Varges
    • PM4: Machine Learning for Text and Speech Processing, presenters: Antal van den Bosch and Walter Daelemans

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