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August 27-31, 2007

Antwerp, Belgium
Antwerp Cathedral tower Antwerp main square Antwerp harbour in twilight
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Interspeech 2007 Venue

INTERSPEECH 2007 is hosted by the Flanders Congress and Concert Centre (FCCC), in the heart of Antwerp, conveniently located next to Antwerp Central Station.

The FCCC is part of a larger complex that also encompasses the famous Antwerp Zoo. All registered participants to Interspeech 2007 have free entrance to the zoo for the whole duration of the conference.

All sessions, except the special sessions and tutorials, take place in the FCCC:

  • Queen Elisabeth Hall: plenary and oral sessions
  • Marble Hall and Darwin Hall: oral sessions
  • Keurvels room, Alpaerts room and Foyer: poster sessions
  • Loos Hall: exhibition, registration, coffee breaks, sitting area, meeting place
  • Astrid Scala 1: special sessions in the Astrid Park Plaza Hotel, across the Astrid Square, see the map for its location (3 minutes walk from FCCC)
  • Tutorials: rooms R008, R012, R013 and R124 in Antwerp University, see the map for the location (15 minutes walk from FCCC)

Floor plans are available for these areas.

FCCC front view Front view of the FCCC on the Astrid Square.
Elisabeth Hall The Elisabeth Hall has room for 2000 people and is used for plenary sessions as well as regular oral sessions.
Marble Hall Marble Hall: oral sessions
Darwin Hall Darwin Hall: oral sessions
Loos Hall The Loos Hall is used for registration, exhibition, coffee breaks, meeting place.

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